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The Problem:

As parents, we would frequently be asking ourselves this common question; where can we go with the kids that caters to our whole family (hence family friendly)? The question would come up with our travels or when picking up the kids from school.   Although it seemed more common when it came to picking out restaurants, it was also an issue with kid activities, and finding hotels. Our biggest issue, however came when businesses claim to be kid friendly only to find out that their idea of family friendly was very different from ours. Surfing the web for things to do is too time consuming. We need to find information fast! These problems became the inspiration of My Family Guide.

The Solution:

MFG was created not only to be a resource and directory but a personal guide to find kid-friendly restaurants, lodging, entertainment and shopping. You will no longer have to surf the web and sift through countless sites. MFG is your #1 resource to find fun activities for the kids and in your area. Check out us out on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, and also visit our Blog! We invite you to recommend your family activities, or fun things to do and share them with all of us on Facebook!

Businesses owners can partner with us and submit their kid friendly locations on the Add Your Business page.

What is My Family Guide?

MFG is a blog and geo location directory to find kid friendly restaurants, lodging, entertainment and shopping. It is also a marketing tool for local businesses to advertise their kid friendly business to the general public.  By Fall of 2016 will also introduce the MFG Membership.  The annual MFG Membership card will be way for our readers to receive exclusive discounts at their favorite kid-friendly businesses around the country.  Some examples include discounts at coffee shops, restaurants, indoor play centers, photographers,  hotels, cruise lines, rental cars, and more!  If you are interested in joining the MFG Membership, please sign-up here.

As most parents know, not all businesses have families in mind. My Family Guide helps to define the term “family friendly”. MFG requires each business to fill out a questionnaire that is used to generate our “advance search” engine. So, each family can pick what amenities are important to them when searching restaurants, lodging, entertainment and shopping.

We feel it is important to give back to local schools and charities that that focus on our children.    Here are a few pictures of our local events: Navigator Dash 2016Sponsor MFG

My Family Guide Platinum Sponsor for the 2016 Navigator Dash

My Family Guide Platinum Sponsor – Navigator Dash

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