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Is Your BusinessKid-Friendly- without click

Listed below are several advertising options that fit the needs for every budget.  Each category describes what is included with each type of package.  The paid categories can either be billed monthly or yearly.  Sponsorship packages are paid in full prior to services rendered.  This option is available during check out.


  • Business Name
  • List type of Business – One category (example – restaurant)
  • Address – Geo located
  • Hours of Operation
  • Phone Number

BASIC LISTING ($24.95 a month, or $275 / Year) SAVINGS OF $25

All the Features of FREE plus the following items:

  • Business Description: Up to 500 characters
  • Upload Pictures to display your business (2 images)
  • List type of business – up to 3 categories (example – resort, cafe, water sports)
  • Advanced Search Results:  Allows business owners to list special features about their business.
  • Website Link to your business
  • Upload Pictures to display your business (2 files)
  • Google Analytics Results
  • Improve Web Traffic & SEO
  • Tax Deductible Advertising

ENHANCED LISTING ($49.95 a month, or $450 / Year)  SAVINGS OF $50

All the features of FREE and BASIC plus the following items:

  • Business Description: Up to 1,000 characters
  • Upload Pictures to display your business (8 images)
  • List type of business – up to 10 categories (example – resort, cafe, water sports, biking, hiking, etc.)
  • Email Address
  • Twitter Link
  • Facebook Link
  • Video Link
  • “Featured Business” Listing (shows up first in search results)
  • “Special Offers” feature for your customers
  • List “Events” for your Business
  • Related businesses will not appear – this helps to showcase your business

SPONSORED BLOG POST (starting at $200) Pricing is determined on current requests

A sponsored blog post is when a writer from My Family Guide does a sit down interview with you, the business owner/manager etc.  We learn about your business and highlight why it should be visited by our readers.  We want our readers to know that you business is family-friendly / kid-friendly and will do our best to share this with our audience.  Some highlights of having a sponsored posts include:

  • 30-45 minute interview of business owner/manager or marketing manager
  • we can highlight the owners, business info (hours, days of operation, locations)
  • highlight the unique and special aspects that make your business great (example – special awards)
  • highlight the features of why your place of business if family-friendly/kid-friendly
  • photos of your business
  • 1 month ENHANCED business listing on My Family Guide
  • We share your sponsored posts on our blog, facebook, local facebook groups, local twitter, and instagram accounts for 1 week (amount of readers varies and no guarantee but usually reach is 1k – 3k)
  • Articles generally range from 800 – 1000 words.

To be considered for a sponsored post, please call us at 360-567-6979, or email us at –




Our website is a directory & blog designed to help families find family-friendly restaurants, lodging, entertainment, and shopping.  Our travel club focuses on family-friendly travel and destinations.  

Our goal is to inspire families to explore and see the world near and far.  Fun filled adventures makes memories that last forever!

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