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My Family Guide is the perfect place to advertise your family-friendly business or event.  Our readers and followers are always wanting to discover new or existing businesses that are kid-friendly.

Listed below are several advertising options that fit the needs for every budget.


Our online directory is a great way for your business to get in front of a family audience.  Our users / families are always searching for businesses that cater to kids.

If your business would simply like to be added to our online directory of family-friendly businesses, click here to learn more about our Online Directory Packages and Pricing.

The paid categories can either be billed monthly or yearly.


An online listing is great but why not enhance your exposure by getting one of our Advertising Packages. Our Advertising Packages help to improve your online presence through a variety of traditional and non-traditional strategies that we have found effective with our audience.    The paid categories can either be billed monthly or yearly.



Would you like to see a commercial of your business appear on TV in your local city or community, but without the expensive price tag?  Your our business could appear in several TV commercials for as little as $50 a month.  To read more about this type of advertising, click here. 


PRICE – Starting at $200 and depends on volume of current requests.  Sponsorship packages are paid in full prior to services rendered.

A sponsored blog post is when a writer from My Family Guide does a sit down interview with you, the business owner/manager etc.  We learn about your business and highlight why it should be visited by our readers.  We want our readers to know that you business is family-friendly / kid-friendly and will do our best to share this with our audience.  Some highlights of having a sponsored posts include:

-30-45 minute interview of business owner/manager or marketing manager

-we can highlight the owners, business info (hours, days of operation, locations)

-highlight the unique and special aspects that make your business great (example – special awards)

-highlight the features of why your place of business if family-friendly/kid-friendly

-photos of your business

-1 month ENHANCED business listing on My Family Guide

-We share your sponsored posts on our blog, facebook, local facebook groups, local twitter, and instagram accounts for 1 week (amount of readers varies and no guarantee but usually reach is 1k – 3k)

-Articles generally range from 800 – 1000 words.

To be considered for a sponsored post, please call us at 360-567-6979, or email us at –




As a Brand Ambassador we utilize every tool we have to share our experience at your place of business with our audience.  There is no direct charge for this service, however the business owner requesting a Brand Ambassador will be required to pay for air travel (if needed), travel and lodging expenses for 2 adults and 2 children if travel is greater than 100 miles from the Portland, Oregon Metro area. Everything included with the Sponsored Blog Post and also includes:

-A 30-40 minute podcast that talks about your business in detail

-Several Facebook Live streaming on-site

-Follow-up Facebook Live

-Video shared on our You Tube Page, Email subscribers, Twitter, Instagram, and Blog Post

-Written tips and/or ideas shared with the business on how to improve or enhance the “family-friendly” experience

For this service, please call us at 360-567-6979, or email us at –




Our website is a directory & blog designed to help families find family-friendly restaurants, lodging, entertainment, and shopping.  Our travel club focuses on family-friendly travel and destinations.  

Our goal is to inspire families to explore and see the world near and far.  Fun filled adventures makes memories that last forever!

Interested in partnering with us?

View our Media Kit Below (updated April 30, 2018):

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