Standing Tall – Fortside

The Craft Beer revolution is in full swing in the Pacific Northwest.  With so many breweries opening up in the Portland Metro/ Southwest Washington area, it’s easier to find breweries that cater to the craft brew enthusiast.  With that realization, it takes more than serving good beer for an establishment to warrant repeat visits.  Enter… Read more »

Everything’s Bright At Twilight

Contemplating treating the family for a dinner night out?  Bring them to Twilight Pizza Bistro.  Located on the east side of Vancouver, Twilight has much of what you’re looking for in a “family friendly” restaurant, and it’s not just the food that makes it a desirable destination.  With so many really good pizza restaurants around,… Read more »

Family Cruising. Fact vs. Fiction

family cruising

It’s a debate that’s been around for decades.  A topic that not only has the country divided, but many families and friends.  Of course I’m talking about cruise ships.  There’s such a rift between the “pro-cruisers” and “anti-cruisers”, that when the two sides happen to meet, the tension can be cut with a butter knife…. Read more »